Marcella Moon: Secret on the Hill

Hello fellow adventurers! I’m on my way to Sligo, Ireland to investigate the disappearance of famous writer, Amelia Goldstone. Some say she simply wanted to disappear. Others say she was kidnapped by fairies. All I know is I need to get over there quickly to find out what happened. Along the way, I’ll have to explore Irish culture and mythology and talk to the locals in order to solve this mystery.

This 1 to 3 hour experience is meant to introduce you to the series and help pave the way for longer mysteries in the games to come. You’ll get to interview suspects, look for clues, solve puzzles, and be immersed in the mysterious atmosphere of a small Irish town— hopefully while learning and laughing along the way!

Gameplay Features

  • First-person point-and-click mystery game
  • Explore the atmospheric setting of a small Irish town
  • Solve puzzles and find clues to help you solve the mystery
  • Interact with quirky characters to unravel the story
  • Learn about Irish culture and mythology

Q: Who is Marcella Moon?
A: Marcella Moon is a young woman with a knack for sleuthing, ever since her first “case” at age 9. The daughter of a detective, Marcella has always been curious about the field of criminal justice. After tragedy struck her family, she set aside her dreams of pursuing investigative work and became lost. With your help, Marcella will find her way again and reclaim her destiny to help others by solving mysteries.

Q: Do I have to play the Marcella Moon games in order?
A: Each game is a self-contained mystery, so they can be played in any order.