The Perfumed Ghost: A Marcella Moon Mystery

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When Marcella is called to the eerie old Misty Rose Inn to look for evidence of hauntings, she’s skeptical; this isn’t her typical case. But she’s drawn in as she uncovers more and more reasons to believe in the so-called “perfumed ghost”, a spirit who wanders the halls, filling guests’ rooms with a strong scent of roses as she passes by.  

Is this a prank being played by one of the other guests? Or is it something that can’t be explained away so easily? As usual, Marcella is determined to leave no stone unturned. 

Marcella Moon Mysteries are perfect for any classic mystery lover who wants to enjoy more modern and diverse stories. Follow amateur sleuth Marcella Moon around the world as she solves new mysteries at every turn. With intriguing conversations, alluring atmosphere, and carefully-woven plots, each novella is crafted with love.