Marcella Moon: Killer at the Cove

Jack Delmar was a hotel owner and avid diver before he tragically slipped and fell on the deck of his boat. The police have labeled his death an accident, but his daughter doesn’t believe it. 

Playing as amateur sleuth Marcella Moon, you have been hired to investigate. Was Jack’s death as simple as it seems? Or is one of the residents of La Fortuna Cove not telling the whole truth?

Gameplay Features

  • First-person point-and-click mystery game
  • Follow your hunches as you collect clues and verify alibis
  • Explore the sunny Southern California beach town of La Fortuna Cove
  • Solve a variety of challenging puzzles
  • Find the culprit and choose your own ending!

Q: Who is Marcella Moon?
A: Marcella Moon is a young woman with a knack for sleuthing, ever since her first “case” at age 9. The daughter of a detective, Marcella has always been curious about the field of criminal justice. After tragedy struck her family, she set aside her dreams of pursuing investigative work and became lost. With your help, Marcella will find her way again and reclaim her destiny to help others by solving mysteries.

Q: Do I have to play the Marcella Moon games in order?
A: Each game is a self-contained mystery, so they can be played in any order.