About the Games

Marcella Moon is a series of point-and-click mystery adventure games that follow an amateur sleuth around the world as she solves mysteries.

The goal is to revive this nostalgic style of gameplay by creating brand-new mysteries for players to solve — especially ones with a strong, capable, and adventurous female protagonist. Marcella Moon games capture the feeling of a classic mystery novel, as well as the nostalgia of games from the golden age of point-and-click adventures.

Here’s what you’ll find in the games:

  • First-person point-and-click mystery adventure
  • Explore atmospheric settings as you piece together clues to help you solve the mystery
  • Interact with quirky characters to discover characters’ motives and unveil the story
  • Solve a variety of puzzle types, including logic, wordplay, contextual puzzles, dialogue puzzles, and more to complete your investigations
  • Learn about real local history & culture while playing

About the Books

Marcella Moon Mysteries are perfect for any classic mystery lover who wants to enjoy more modern and diverse stories told in a fast-paced, snackable fashion. Short and engaging chapters make this the perfect read for the spare moments in your day. With emphasis on intriguing conversations, alluring atmosphere, and carefully-woven plots, each story is crafted with love.

Meet Marcella

Marcella Moon is a young woman with a knack for sleuthing, ever since her first “case” at age 9. The daughter of a detective, Marcella has always been curious about the field of criminal justice. After tragedy struck her family, she set aside her dreams of pursuing investigative work and became lost. With your help, Marcella will find her way again and reclaim her destiny to help others by solving mysteries.

Marcella’s father was killed in the line of duty when she was 20 years old, just a few years before we meet her. Her grief at a young age ultimately gives her the emotional maturity and resilience to become a great sleuth. In time, she decides to honor her father’s legacy, follow her heart, and pursue her own investigative work.

Meet the Creator

I am a one-woman team who is writing, designing, and coding the Marcella Moon games and books. As a lifetime fan of point-and-click adventure games as well as classic mystery novels, I sought to combine the two in a series that would feature a strong and adventurous female protagonist.